Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Arhur De Pins, Skydoll 2, Claire Wendling, Halo 3

Finally in Store: the art of Halo 3 -
Arthur De Pins returns with Peches Mignons 3. 1 and 2 in stock as well.

Skydoll 2 lacrima christi collection - is now in stock. if you loved the original skydoll, realize that this series, along with skydoll spaceship collection is NOT available in english -but IS available to you now in its original format from France. Both collections feature some of the top European artists, as picked by Skydoll's creator to work on short stories with fantasticly refreshing art. Remember, If you let language be a barrier to great art - you close off more than half the world has to offer!

Claire Wendling's graphic novel series Les Lumieres de L'Amalou has been out of stock for some time, but we finally got a few of the issues in stock now. check them out for yourself. 3 different books in stock, as well as Wendling's Desk Sketchbook in stock now.

For those wondering about Drawers 2.0; we've just heard rumours from Angouleme that the publisher of that book, maybe having trouble, or even going out of business, as they were a no show at France's biggest comic book festival. Hope the rumours are wrong, because we don't have any copies left and would love to offer it to you . FYI: we are continuing to try and get the book, and if/when that happens - we will post about it on the blog.