Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vilppu Animal Drawing Manual and JAMES JEAN's Fables Covers

The Vilppu Animal Drawing Manual is now in stock for anyone interested in the subject. Vilppu is a master of life drawing, and now we have a book of his animal drawings to expand our knowledge. Tons of sketches.

James Jean's Fables Covers artbook arrived today and is it ever awesome. I know that it seems like I love every book we mention on this blog (makes sense - why would we stock any books we didnt believe in?), but this book just knocks it out of the ballpark.

I've seen many of the cover images before. I have also seen many of the drawings up on ebay over the years -but to have all of them together in one collection is the kind of inspirational material that either makes you want to cry because you're inspired or cry because in 100 lifetimes you'll never get to his level. Personally, I see this book as an opportunity to really study his work. The fables covers span roughly 6 years and you can see how he's developed his style over that time.