Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PERSONA 5 Premium Event Reveals!

It's been a big couple of days for Persona 5 fans as the Japanese release date nears! Here's all the new information that's been revealed through Atlus' Premium Event.

First up is the anime tie-in special announcement called 'The Day Breakers' by A-1 pictures, which is a prologue to the game focusing on its primary cast. A manga is also on the way as well.

Then we have the full opening intro for the game which was animated by Production I.G.

Then next up we've got the first opening 18 minutes of the game itself!

 Then there's still more footage with a new commercial and a video highlighting some key cast moments in the dungeons!

And if that's not enough, Atlus also finally pulled back the curtain on one of Persona's most popular features, the Social Links, now referred to as 'Cooperations.'

 The first amongst the Tarot picks is the Wheel of Fortune. With a character who's a fortune teller.

Next up the Temperance arcana, one of your school teachers who also leads a double life.

Then the Devil. She is a paparazzi photographer with a special interest in the Phantom thieves.

Next the Star arcana featuring an intelligent shoji-player.

Now the Tower featuring a boy who's a crack-shot with a gun!

Next up, the Moon. A fanboy of the phantom thieves and acts as their 'PR manager.'

And finally the Sun arcana who is a politician.

There are still a lot more to come that you'll discover in the game!

The final announcement was for a special set of headphones based on the ones one of the characters, Futaba, wears being available in Japan.

The game won't arrive in North America until February of 2017, so let's hope we can avoid spoilers when the game does release in Japan.