Wednesday, August 05, 2015

New MGSV info from Gamescom 2015!

Gamescom is on in Germany, and new stuff from MGSV has been released. The first is a new trailer, though this one is a more generic marketing trailer that is not created by Hideo Kojima, it still contains intriguing new footage!

The second is a half-hour long in-depth look at the Mother Base facility that fans will want to take a really good look at. Frankly the scale of the game is simply amazing! Stories have been circulating around that part of the fallout between Konami and Kojima could be a result of long delays to the game and a rising development cost, but it does seem that every penny spent actually went somewhere and was not a 'waste' as some people have claimed.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you do not skip over Mother Base as its development will greatly benefit you in the field.

The Mother Base in MGSV is a HUGE expansion of the concept from Peace Walker. And also includes an online mode where players can set up Forward Operating Bases which help them gather resources for Mother Base, but which can also be invaded by other players looking to steal resources and staff from you, which you will need to defend yourself, or count on upgrades and good soldiers to provide enough security to deter them. Likewise you can also find and invade other player's bases. In fact anyone who infiltrates your base also exposes his base to you. Your friends can likewise help defend your base or infiltrate other enemy bases you've discovered. This help set off an incentive of retaliation and revenge which is one of the game's themes.

But it's enough to say that Mother Base introduces a whole other mode of game play like a game within a game, and this greatly expands MGSV's length, so much so that those who've played preview builds of the game for days still never managed to complete it. There's also plenty of Metal Gear's signature humour to be found all over the place. Not to mention a shout-out to Zone of the Enders and even the infamous P.T. A lot of attention and care was given to this and the video only scratches the surface given we only see very brief glimpses of the interiors. The only thing missing that would've made this perfect would've been a co-op mode similar to Peace Walker's even if only for non-story side missions. Sadly that will not be in the game.

Anime Posters on Mother Base? Is Big Boss an Otaku too?

While new scenes and game mechanics have been shown we're still very much in the dark about where the story is headed, which is a very good thing. The game will be releasing on the 1st of September, so we've only less than a month to go before we finally get to experience it for ourselves. Those who haven't played Peace Walker really ought to in the run up to the game's release. The original game was made for the PSP. A digital version can be played on the Vita, or one can pick up the HD collection for PS3 and Xbox 360 which included an HD-edition of Peace Walker. Ground Zeroes is also a must, which can be found cheaply now or is available for free for those who subscribe to PS+ or Xbox LIVE on either a PS4 or an Xbone.

Big Boss gets a new arm based on a sub-attachment from the sci-fi mecha game Zone of the Enders. A project that Kojima tried to revive for a sequel but which sadly didn't materialize.

Some potentially bad news may be the fact that micro-transactions have been introduced in the game and we've yet to see if these will affect the game in any negative way. Other bad news is that development of the competitive online component, Metal Gear Online 3, has been delayed and will be available for download a month after launch for console owners, while PC players will have to wait until January of next year. But some consoling news for PC owners is that the date of the PC version's release has been moved up to coincide with the release of the console version in September and PC owners will also get the prologue chapter 'Ground Zeroes' for free!

Big Boss gets cuts and bruses depending on where he's injured. He even gets covered in blood and dirty, which means that unless it rains while on a mission he'd better hit the showers often or else he'll get funny reactions from his crew if he doesn't bathe for long!

There's really a lot to get excited about and it's looking to be quite a lengthy and amazing game, and what is definitely Hideo Kojima's conclusion to the series and likely one of Konami's last great games as they transition into what looks to be a gambling machine and mobile-first developer... it truly is the end of an era...