Friday, August 07, 2015

New Final Fantasy XV footage from Gamescom

FFXV, formerly known as FF Versus XIII has had a troubled development, and while Square Enix was getting us hyped about the marketing machine for this game finally kicking off at Gamescom after skipping E3... well... their recent showing leaves much to be desired...

But none the less, we do have something new. As well as a lot of signs that point to a lot of changes being made to characters and story after the staff changeover with Tetsuya Nomura being moved to Kingdom Hearts 3 and the recently announced Final Fantasy VII Remake.

An upgrade to Episode Duscae is still on the way, but for the time being there is not much new info other than that Square Enix seems to indicate that 2016 is looking to be the year of release, but by that we're probably looking at a very late 2016 at the earliest... But until then we at least have this really lovely piece of father/son artwork!