Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Resident Evil 2 Remake announced!

A lot of good stuff's been happening recently in terms of long sought after projects. From the return of the Last Guardian, to Shenmue III, to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, to the third chapter of Zero Escape... now... how about one more?

Following a lot of buzz surrounding a fan-made remake of Resident Evil 2, and the other hoopla over revival projects, Capcom began asking on Facebook what fans would like to see in a possible remake of Resident Evil 2.

Following the success of the HD remaster of the Resident Evil 1 Remake, and the announcement of an HD Remaster of Resident Evil 0, it now makes sense that Capcom would finally pursue this path...
For one, given the template of the game is already there, it's an easier production, especially if they consider sticking to the basics of the classics meaning pre-rendered backgrounds and fixed camera angles. So given Capcom is struggling financially, this would be a financially cheaper option, which considering the last entry, things haven't been looking up for them either commercially or critically, despite that the Revelations games kind have turned things around by being made on the cheap.

Original RE1 versus Gamecube RE1 Remake.

But the success of reselling Resident Evil 1, the Gamecube remake version ported to PS3, 360, PS4 and Xbone, and I think the PC as well, has done very well for them. RE 0 is coming too thanks to strong demand,

Gamecube RE1 Remake versus RE1 Remake HD Remaster for PS3 .

Capcom's feedback from fans has overwhelmingly been in favour of what I also want. A Remake faithful to how the Remake of 1 was by maintaining the old-school style. Sure the Remake of 1 also introduced new things and shuffled things a bit and I'm alright with that. There's a reason fans have been begging for a remake of 2 in the RE1RE style, and that's because they want a return to the puzzle-based less-action focused style that RE4 departed from and for which RE5 onwards to RE6 took their blueprint. The thirst for the classic tank-control fixed camera style was proven with sales of the HD RE1RE. So Capcom took notice.

The Original RE2...

Also not only does going with pre-rendered backgrounds make things easier & cheaper development wise. This frees up resources to really push the look. I've no doubt that Capcom can approach near photorealism if they wanted to on PS4/Xbone hardware. And that could really be stunning! The freed resources can go towards models and lighting and animation freed from having to render complex backgrounds and accounting for camera control.

One other thing that might be a concern is that the RE1RE was overseen by the original director Shinji Mikami who knew the game through and through and how to update it. It's doubtful he'll return given he now runs his own studio, so can the new staff pull it off? I'm optimistic that they can, and I'm certain Mikami could consult if they reached out to him.

What PS4 is capable of...

That Capcom was scouting for feedback on Facebook was interesting. Companies don't usually do that... and who knows? Perhaps Capcom already decided to make it and this was all part of a viral marketing thing? Either way, it's here! I'm certainly looking forward to it! Now all we need is Silent Hills...