Sunday, November 02, 2014

NEW Final Fantasy XV footage!

Square Enix recently unveiled a better look at Final Fantasy XV to fans in Paris, France before premiering it again through a live stream! It features a run through the environments of the Episode Duscae demo they'll be releasing in March, free for those who purchase Type-0 HD. The quests and other interactive elements of the demo were turned off during this demonstration to focus on the environments.

Also a second video was released to show off some of the tech that's going on in the game that is currently being fully moved from Ebony to Square Enix's new Luminous Engine. The game is still in development so not everything you're seeing is final.

There were worries that when Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced to be running on UnReal Engine 4 that Luminous was running into trouble. Could this mean that Luminous is in much better shape than rumors suggested? Or is it just being uniquely used for FFXV only?