Sunday, January 12, 2014

Peter Parker will return to take back the mantle of Spider-Man!

Let's admit that knowing how deaths tend to work in the world of comic book heroes, it was inevitable that the real true maybe-not-so-superior Spidey would be back someday... And he'll be back sooner than you think!

Writer Dan Slott has admitted to the NY Daily News that he'd known all along that Peter Parker would make a come-back after Dr. Otto Octavius stole his mind and body, bringing to an end 'Amazing Spider-Man,' and beginning the new series 'Superior Spider-Man.' Well now, it looks like Marvel plans to re-launch another new 'Amazing Spider-Man' series beginning with issue #1 in April just ahead of the release of the 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' film in theaters!

So what is to become of the Superior Spider-Man? Will that series end, or will there be some kind of convoluted thing where we get Parker back as the Amazing Spider-Man, while Otto can somehow continue to be the Superior Spider-Man, while Spider-Man 2099 is running around somewhere alongside the new Scarlet Spider??? How do I hold all of these Spider-Men.. .I can't... mgfaoj*$@(&...

But anyway, for many of you, this is no doubt excellent news! As for me, I'm still waiting for Parker and MJ to reunite... I think I'll be waiting quite a while longer sadly... : (

To read more of the story, head on over here! And I'm guessing this will be a highly demanded issue, so you'll want to get your pre-orders in with us early!