Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More manga ending in Japan

Here's another little update on a few titles that will officially be ending in Japan for those of you who keep up with manga.

Rosario + Vampire - Season II, will officially end on February 4th in the March issue of Shueisha's Jump Square.

Another sequelized manga that will also technically be ending soon will be 'Battle Angel Alita: Last Order', with its last chapter to be published January 28th in Kodansha's Evening Magazine. However, I said 'technically' as while Last Order will have its last chapter, another new Battle Angel Alita series will begin later on 2014, tentatively titled 'The Martian War Chronicles.' So there will be more Battle Angel to look forward to. The mangaka Yukito Kishiro also said he's planning to publish an artbook in 2014 as well!

Also for those of you following 'Blood Alone', the sad news is that the manga will be ending prematurely in Kodansha's Evengin Magazine by spring of 2014. However, its creator Masayuki Takano, says he plans to continue the manga past its climax after its serialization ends through self-published dojinshi and digital versions.