Friday, March 01, 2013

Capcom's 'Panta Rhei' Engine

With the unveiling of PlayStation 4 last week, a number of 3rd party developers were there to demonstrate what the next generation systems, notably by Sony and Microsoft, could do to push the visuals of video games. Capcom unveiled for the first time it's next gen Engine, built upon MT Framework, could bring to the table.

This new engine is codenamed 'Panta Rhei' which is taken from the Greek for "Everything flows" which is also a quote from a philosopher Heraclitus to describe a dynamic vision of reality versus a static one as expressed even before him by Homer who described all events as stemming from flux and motion. But Heraclitus doctrine also necessitates a source of the flow that is stable and invariable; the eternal Logos; God.

As for what all this means for video games, it's apt for describing the usual method of programming languages, and new ways in which physics and dynamic fluids and particle systems shall play a part in new hardware, particularly that of PlayStation 4. Capcom talked about their engine and showed off some screenshots followed by a video demonstration of a real time tech demo in a fantasy setting where armored soldiers fight a dragon. The demo also highlights a game that is currently in development temporarily titled 'Deep Down' which some believe could be a spiritual successor to another recent Capcom game 'Dragon's Dogma.' The video presentation is below.

Below are also some blown up screens from the PlayStation Meeting that you can see hints of what other urban environments look like rendered in this engine. For a more in-depth analysis of the video demonstrating that it is indeed real-time, I recommend checking out GT's Pop-Up block. And an even more in-depth technical analysis here.

Quite stunning looking stuff! Not doubt everyone is looking forward to seeing how titles like Resident Evil & Monster Hunter will translate over with this level of graphics technology!