Thursday, February 21, 2013

Metal Gear Art Studio

As part of Metal Gear's long-running 25th Anniversary Celebration, a new website has opened up inviting Facebook and Twitter account holders to use the tools they provide to draw Metal Gear Fan Art! There are also selected themes for the day that you can draw by competing with others and win prizes! You are provided with a digital canvas and digital brushes that resemble the same tools artist Yoji Shinkawa uses and you can even play back a video of your entire drawing!

Yoji Shinkawa and other guest artists will also be creating stuff alongside you! You can watch Shinkawa's 11 min piece here! There are chat windows open for you to talk to other participants too! It's great stuff, so check it out!

Yoji Shinkawa pens online METAL GEAR ART STUDIO

KONAMI details ‘Digital Drawing Board’ and invites artists to contribute to unique METAL GEAR canvas

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH is inviting METAL GEAR fans to partake in a ground-breaking new art scheme, as a finale to the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary celebrations kicked off last year and launched by the series’ renowned Lead Artist, Yoji Shinkawa.

KONAMI has created a unique ‘Digital Drawing Board’ at which can be viewed online and shared via social networking sites. This innovative METAL GEAR ART STUDIO allows fans to create artwork inspired by the series on an online canvas, and will be the ultimate in fan art from users across the globe.

The Board will launch on the 18th February, and allows users access to the same tools that Yoji Shinkawa favours, in the creation of his stunning illustrations. A complete set of digital brushes, pens and pencils can be used online, as can rulers, masking tape and various inks. Users log in to the METAL GEAR ART STUDIO via their Facebook or Twitter accounts and draw in real-time. Visitors can watch new items being added in real-time, or replay completed artwork to see how it was produced, they can also message artists whilst they are drawing and vote for or ‘Like’ their favourite pieces – with Shinkawa selecting the best every three weeks for exclusive prizes.

Yoji Shinkawa himself will be producing the first image to adorn the METAL GEAR ART STUDIO, and. A series of ‘Guest’ artists have also been invited to participate, and will be revealed at a later date.

There will be a competition for the week of February 18th – 24th to create the best Raiden image, in honour of the release of the eagerly-awaited METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE for PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360®.

Following that, there will be different competition themes that will change after three weeks:

25th Feb – 17th March: Mechs and Vehicles
18th March - 7th April: Snake
8th April – 28th April: Female Characters
29th April – 12th May: Male Characters

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