Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ghost in the Shell Online concept art

On the back of news about the new GITS ARISE anime, we'd also know about a planned online game for Ghost in the Shell being developed by Japanese developer Nexon. It will apparently be an FPS with hacking being a primary mechanic. No idea whether this one wil lrelease outside of the Japanese market, but it is likely, particularly given the previous games were released here and that this is an FPS.

It's expected to release in 2014. Some pretty awesome concept art for the game that seems to derive much from the StandAlone Complex TV show was also made available, so check it out, and for more information go here!

Personally I'd love to one day see a much better open world GITS game developed by someone like Rocksteady or Ubisoft or Rockstar on next gen consoles that maintain a cell shaded anime style in its presentation. Something that mixes the greatness of Arkham City, Assassin's Creed, and the Grand Theft Auto games together. Think about it! 

Some day? Right? : )   

 : (