Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ghost in the Shell: ARISE trailer and details!

We mentioned that a new Ghost in the Shell Anime series was coming, and now we finally know more about it! As it turns out, it's not a TV series, but actually a 4-part OVA series with each part about 50 mins long. These will air in Japanese theatres and also simultaneously release on DVD and Blu-Ray and online paid streams. A manga adaptation subtitled 'Sleepless Eye' is also in the works.

As many might've guessed, ARISE is a prequel to the Ghost in the Shell Universe when Makoto Kusanagi was younger and part of the military. We don't technically know if this means it's a prequel to either the StandAlone Complex TV series or the movies, or just it's own thing. For more details head over here, and the trailer is below.

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