Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Evangelion 3.0 theme song promo video

Evangelion 3.0 opened in Japan on November 17th and has been breaking Japanese box office records! It is currently the biggest opening Japanese film of 2012 earning the highest weekend box office for the entire year! It sold over 1 million tickets in 4 days and then and moved on to sell 2 million tickets in 9 days, already earning double what Evangelion 2.0 did! So it looks as if Evangelion certainly hasn't lost it's popularity or staying power amongst mainstream Japanese movie-goers!

A short video was released showing off more footage from the film with the ending theme song 'Sakura Nagashi' by Hikaru Utada, whom many may remember as the singer of 'Sanctuary' from the intro of Kingdom Hearts 2. Utada had reportedly put her singing career on hiatus, and only returned momentarily to perform this song for Evangelion 3.0. You can view it below!

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