Friday, October 12, 2012

Anime Highlights - The Running Man (1989)

I think it'll be a cool feature to share with everyone now and then some great classic anime short films made by famous directors and others that would otherwise go unnoticed by many today. Thanks to the magic of places like Youtube, many of these are available online for everyone to enjoy! Particularly stuff from way back and things that were never released abroad! Let's see how many things I can dig up that feature cool stuff you don't see much of anymore and with some great animation to boot!

The 80's were a particularly great time for anime! One of the most famous was Ninja Scroll directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri! Below you'll find a short film directed by him that is a neat short story of a race in a cyberpunk future setting! With some great animation and Kawajiri's signature violence it's certainly something to behold! So check it out below and turn on Closed Captioning for English subtitles!