Friday, September 21, 2012

Masamune Shirow & Koushi Rikudou collaborating on a new manga!

It's been a decade since we've heard anything about Masamune Shirrow doing another manga, his last stuff being in the 'Ghost in the Shell' series. He's since worked as an illustrator and done many erotic adult comics. Koushi Rikudou, the creator of 'Excel Saga,' only last year concluded the manga and began a new one called 'Ageha.'

     Now news has been revealed that both Rikudou and Shirrow are working together on a new manga series that will see release in Japan in October's Newtype Ace. Masamune Shirrow will be writing the story, and Koushi Rikudou will be the artist. So there's something for fans of these two artists to look forward to in the future! Though what sort of story this will be remains to be seen, nor do we even know what it will be called... we only have the teaser image on the left to go off of.