Friday, June 08, 2012

Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 13 getting simultaneous release!

Good news for those of you Evangelion fans who've been waiting for so long (almost 2 years) for the next volume of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's adaptation of Eva!

Viz has announced that Volume 13 will  for the first time ever release simultaneously both in Japan and in the U.S. on November 2nd, 2012! So that's something to mark your calendars for! For more details, go here!

Sadamoto's manga is a really neat adaptation of the original series that adds so much more, including many changes that in my opinion make it better and well worth reading for fans of the original series! So drop by our store if you're looking for the previous volumes!

We also have volumes from some of the other spin-off Evangelion titles like 'Campus Apocalypse', 'Shinji Ikari Raising Project', and 'Angelic Days' along with Evangelion art books, shirts, toys and other merchandise!