Friday, July 29, 2011

sketchbooks round 1: adam hughes, chris sanders..

our first shipment of fresh sketchbooks will be in shop Saturday July 3oth.

2 new terry dodson sketchbooks: signed. reveries is limited to just 500 and is the more expensive of the 2.

stephen silver sketchbook 2. signed.
sean galloway cheeks still together sketchbook. signed.
(we also got a limited quantity of cheeks new carry bag - not shown)

franciso herrera magic box sketchbook -is actually an instructional book, that comes with 3 animation cells, sketchbook section and learning section in 3 languages. signed.

humberto ramos fairy quest graphic novel is finally out after a 2 year wait. same format as the fairy quest sketchbook -but inside its a graphic novel.signed.

/jose lopez mariachi samurai 2 - its a graphic novel with sketchbook section. comes in a nifty slipcase (not shown)

eric canete -chocolate sketchbook looks like a chocolate bar on the outside, and on the inside cover where it actually looks like a bar of hershey chocolate. but dont be fooled. the inside is all skeches. signed.

pascal campion has managed to put out a new 100 page book dispite becoming the father of twins just 7 months ago. if previous books are any indication, this one will go fast. signed.

dave pimmental is the head of story at dreamworks. his new sketchbook evoke is full of terrific cafe sketches. signed.
adam hughes new sketchbook is out. its good as usual. signed

frank cho has another wonderfull sketchbook out too. signed

chris sanders sketchbook 5. signed

david colman grizzly bears - is a how to book. yes its bears, but as dave explains it - you can learn a lot from this book, even if bears is not your favourite topic. signed.


ARRIVING SOON (will post when they arrive):
J scott campbell 2 new books, brett bean, skottie young sketchbooks..