Friday, July 30, 2010

Nicolas Marlet, Art of Metal Gear 4, Bob Chiu/Kei Acedera Sketchbook..

In stock Now:

Brand new sketchbook by the awesome Bob Chiu and the amazing Kei Acedera. Signed by the Power Duo.

Nicolas Marlet is the huge talent behind character design on movies like How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda and Bee Movie. This tiny sketchbook is full of non-studio drawings. Expect these to be gone quickly. why wait to be dissapointed? Signed.
Art of Metal Gear 4. All the rest are long sold out and tough to find. We don't suggest sitting on the fence for this one.

Note - we carry two types of anime art books in our shop. the type based on an anime series or movie and the type that features art so good, it doesn't matter if you know the source material or artist. The next few below are just such examples.

If you like girls. If you like variety of artists. Check out this book: 100 masters of Bishojo painting.

Pixiv, another great new anime art book.

Girls Illustrated. What else do you need to know. great looking book and quite thick too.

This next Miyazaki Layout book has been out of stock for some time. We feel blessed to finally get some copies back in stock. If you love backgrounds, you can't get better than this.

The books below will be in Shop next week Wednesday:

Tony T is not for everyone. But boy can he draw. we also have some of his hard to get dojinshi still available in our anime book section.

Another book with plenty of locations: you may even know the anime :)

Hyperweapon is great if you like futuristic vehicles. large format book.

Long sold out, we never imagined we would see this one again. the awesome Groundworks of FLCL features animation (Pencil) drawings from the hit anime series. A must for fans and art lovers alike. Really can't say enough good stuff about this one. All of the groundworks series books are awesome in fact. Especially if you like to see the countless drawings that go into making anime.