Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Robert Valley, Flash Benjamin

Today we are getting a bunch of new sketchbooks from France. many are not shown here, but a few are. Stop by the shop to see the full selection.

Out of print for the past 8-9 months. The Benjamin book is finally back in a new edition. Hopefully they fixed the binding issues with the last print run. An amazing book. Oversized. If you like his art, this is the best book. We also carry his fully painted graphic novels in the shop and a couple of rare French editions.

New art of Wakfu from France.

Back in Stock - 3 Different Sergio Toppi books. only one shown below, the others you will need to stop by the shop to see.

Robert Valley gets the Sketchbook treatment. we also got his Boy Zero graphic Novela found in an ancient issue of Heavy Metal. at $8 the heavy metal Robert Valley story is a bargain. Sadly the cover of that issue is by some unkown guy called Luis Royo :)

If you like Pin-ups, check out Aslan. New from France.

Art of Toy Story 3 - comes out Next week. Stop by and have a look. Its all art.

BACK IN STOCK: ART OF PRINCESS AND THE FROG. This book has been out of print for the past several months. Now in stock. Why wait till its out of print for good?