Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Act

GamesRadar has pointed out something intriguing from back in time. Before David Cage and upcoming games like Heavy Rain there was a game company making an arcade game called 'The Act' that was targeted at casual audiences and people who wanted a different experience from their video games and tried to follow in the footsteps of games like Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair. The developer Cecropia hired Disney animators to create quality 2D Animation that were run in real time and tied to a very simple control scheme to control the player's emotion/reaction levels that affected the outcome of each individual scene the player found themselves in.

The game's story revolves around that of a regular guy who is an employed window washer who falls in love with an incredibly attractive Nurse and tries to win her heart. The following video from an old news story that showcased the game before its release will show and explain more:

Unfortunately the game bombed due to the failing arcade scene in the US and didn't manage to make it to consoles. But it really looks wonderful and hopefully it'll make it to the Wii or as a downloadable game someday, but this looks very unlikely as the developer who made it is no longer around...