Symptomatica by Ragnar

Sketchbook by Tony Sandoval

Pieces of Meeces by Phil Mendez

Flavor 1 Signed by Justin Ridge and Hye Jung Kim

Ciia Sketchbook Signed by Ciia

Chris Sanders 3 Sketchbook - Signed by Chris

Chris Sanders 2 Sketchbook - Signed by Chris

Fairyquest by Humberto Ramos

Mandy Shorts - Signed by Dean Yeagle
4 AM - Signed by Jose Lopez

Cartoon Retro by Shane Glines
Sketchbook - Signed by Nicolas Marlet

Art of Patrick Morgan

Peck N Paw - by Disney Artists (anthology art book)
More Gray Area - Signed by J. Scott Campbell

Eponymonstrous by Ragnar

Sketches and Scribble 5 - Signed by Frank Cho

Steel Noodle 1 - Signed by Louie Del Carmen

Never After - Signed by Josh Howard

Cheeks Freshly Squeezed - Signed by Sean Galloway

Bits and Pieces 4 - Signed by John Nevarez

Whispers/Chiutnsity - Signed by Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera

Scribblings 4 - Signed by Dean Yeagle

 Chris Sanders 4 - Signed by Chris Sanders

Art of Darksiders Hard Cover - Signed by Joe Madureira

Slayboy - Signed by Adam Hughes

Junk One by Skottie Young

Dustin Nguyen 2010 sketchbook

Bombshells by Terry Dodson

Art of Suhaito

Duck: Birds and Pencils by Florian Satzinger

Satelite Soda 3 artbook

Art N Out Hip by Humberto Ramos

Portadas by Fernando Vicente

Sketchbox 4 by Francisco Herrera

 Blue Beauties by J. Scott Campbell